Interview Coaching

All interview coaching is designed to ensure that you are the top candidate and win the interview. The results show that this is feasible after a few hours coaching. There are three reasons this works:

  1. You will fully understand what the company needs.
  2. You will understand your own strengths and what makes you unique for the job.
  3. They will like you, trust you and think they can work with you.

Whilst every coaching session is designed around your needs regular coaching techniques are used:

  • How to answer questions confidently
  • How to create a good impression
  • How to talk the talk
A typical job interview coaching session

A typical 3-hour coaching session might include:

  • a 30-minute analysis of your current situation, CV and position you are applying for. (This is normally done prior to the coaching session)
  • a 40-minute mock interview for initial assessment and coaching using video
  • a 90-minute coaching session to help identify your strengths and competences, learn new techniques to answer questions persuasively; you will develop effective body language and voice techniques to project greater confidence
  • follow-up assessment report
  • 4 weeks of email and telephone support
  • We represent our client’s best interests through our delivery model, candidate and client promise.  Our resources and services are committed to understanding the client’s company, culture, its industry and its specific needs.  Our customized services and solutions will be driven by the client’s best interests. This is the core of the Human Capital Talent client value proposition.
  • All of our consultants will have the necessary technical & consulting skills, behaviours, cultural understanding and motivation to deliver excellence on behalf of our clients.

Ask A Question

For further information or for a preliminary discussion, please contact Rob Connor, Director, using the details below:

  • Tel: + 44 (0) 7947 532280
  • Email:
  • Skype: rd.connor